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Category: Pay Station & Token Station Parts

Image Part
Per Item
2066.5 R/B Rebuilt IDX Electronic Coin Mech $203.48
8065.1 AC6007 Display Only $166.17
AC2066.5 IDX Coin Mech $407.99
AC7071-01 Thermal Paper for Printer $11.75
AC7073-H Printer Power Harness $31.20
AC8060-DSH Door Switch Harness $40.56
AC8061 Relay Board $195.00
AC8062 Paystation and Tokenstation Power Supply $132.60
AC8065 Paystation Display and Keypad Assy $699.00
AC8065-RH Paystation Display Ribbon Harness $40.56
AC8065.1 Tokenstation Display and Keypad Assy $404.30
AC8065.1-RH Tokestation Display Ribbon Harness $40.56
AC8065.2 AC2007 Display and Keypad Assy $258.70
AC8065.3 Tokenstation Keypad $64.94
AC8065.4 Paystation Keypad $88.39
AC8080 Paystation Lock Assy $140.40
AC9090 Credit Card Reader $170.00
AC9090-H Credit Card Reader Harness $31.00